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Legal Marketing Consultant Zamir Javer

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Zamir Javer : Law Firm Marketing Consultant   Zamir Javer has a wealth of experience in interacting with law firms for various business endeavors ranging from Real Estate hedge fund syndications to cross border tax structures, IP patent filings, HR law and other commercial law practice areas. From a client perspective he has developed a clear understanding of how and why certain law firms succeed in attracting and retaining high value clients.   Various law firms with strong Key partners and experience often do not have proper exposure in the marketplace and this is a major reason why prospects are not of them. In today’s world of Attraction Marketing and Inbound Marketing wherein digital is the main environment for new business generation,  if your law firm’s experience, track record and knowledge is not showcased or EXPOSED, you simply will not gain inbound leads.  ...

Law Firm Marketing Agency Jumpfactor

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Legal Marketing Agency Jumpfactor As a law firm you need to be able to demonstrate Authority,  Credibility and a history of Success.   At Jumpfactor this is precisely what we specialize in. By providing abundant evidence of the above 3 points, and presenting this evidence in front of your prospects, you WILL generate high quality leads. Some of the components required to achieve the above are: Legal Marketing / Legal Content Marketing :  done with domain experts from the legal profession. Law Firm Social Media Marketing: coordinated by expert legal social marketers Law firm SEO :  coordinated by expert SEO analysts and campaign managers Law firm web design and law firm branding All of this should be tied together via Marketing Automation and managed by skilled Digital Marketers to ensure ongoing progress and...